Monday, July 28, 2008

Day 2

Still having fun figuring out the name and purpose of this blog. I hope it can become more than just a telling of my days commuting by bike and my love of the Novara Buzz bikes.

The point I hope to eventually get to is promoting bike commuting. It may seem like a small thing, or at least not worth the time or trouble, but the benefits are worth it in my opinion.

Hopefully as I report on my progress as a bike commuter you can see (and so can I) the real benefits and sacrifices (we all have to make some sacrifices in life) of, not just commuting, but living with a bike for transportation.

I think we have become spoiled by cars and inexpensive fuel. There are real alternatives...they may not be for everyone, but if those of us who could really take the challenge to bike commute it would make a difference.

I did the rest of my shopping today after work. Big Lots and the Dollar Store...I can't wait for the Sunflower Farmers' Market to open.

I also purchased a bike computer to more accurately keep track of my miles on the bike.

I figure that I have spent about $400 on the bike and accessories. It cost about $40 to fill up my car every 2 it will take me about 5 months to pay off the bike just with the money I save from not buying gas. I know for some people it is more like $40 per week and would only take half that time.

I know you can't take your kids to the soccer game on a bike, but maybe you can bike to the store once or twice a week. Spend time with your family by biking around the neighborhood instead of watching the tv (if this seems extreme you can record the shows or view them later on-line).

It really doesn't take much...biking will not only save money from fuel, but you can be more healthy because of it.

I will get off my soapbox now.

Over 8 miles today.

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