Monday, June 1, 2009

First Flat

After 2000 miles in Colorado without a flat I only had to commute for about a month in the Tri-Cities to get my first flat tire.

I have been really impressed with the puncture-resistant Kenda K-841 tires on my Buzz V. I would often add a little off-road while commuting on my bike in Denver, but here in Eastern Washington the offending tack-weed (aka goat heads, puncture weed and others) was on the bike lane.

I'm afraid I disposed of the thorn without getting a picture, but I'm sure I will have more opportunities commuting in the Tri-Cities.

I will be adding puncture resistant tubes or "slime" to my tubes adding to the over-all puncture resistance.

Thanks Novara for putting those Kenda tires on the Buzz V. 2000+ miles without a flat is pretty good.

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Peter Wang said...

I'm running Specialized Armadillos and Schwalbe Marathons so I don't think I'll be getting many flats over there either.