Sunday, September 14, 2008

A short note

Another weekend has come and gone. The weather was decent enough and I got in a couple rides. Even though I do not miss having a car, I do miss being able to go places pretty the store.

I certainly do not miss buying gas and stop and go traffic. I really enjoy being out in the elements and moving on my own power...even in the rain.

I do occasionally miss hopping into the car and buzzing up to the store or to a movie. A bicycle is definitely a lesson in patience and I'm afraid I don't always have patience. I suppose it does say something about an automobile society: we need to go fast with everything we work, fast food and even fast entertainment. We seem like a generation of attention deficit disorder cases.

Then there's the bike: it takes time to get from point a to b, and a little planning in some cases. If I end up on the wrong side of town I can't just jaunt back across in a few minutes. A bike is definitely more about the journey than the destination.

After a couple months having a bike as my sole means of transportation I'm beginning to appreciate the journey more for better or worse. I hope my patience grows along with my love of cycling.

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