Thursday, June 18, 2009

Staying with it...

In the last few weeks I have not been commuting as much as driving, but I have been riding more as recreation or, more specifically, in preparation of a 105 mile Century as Park of the Mount Adams Country Bicycle Tour. Should be fun. I've been spending time working on hills to get ready. Hope to get some more miles in this weekend and then a few longer rides with a 100 mile next week or so. The tour is on July 11 so still some time.

I did commute on a couple of days this week. It's nice to get some ride time in compared to driving, but I can say it is not the same as riding in Colorado. Not sure if it is because I am so familiar with my routes here or what. I enjoy the time in the saddle I do get.

Safe riding to those who commute and read this blog.

Monday, June 1, 2009

First Flat

After 2000 miles in Colorado without a flat I only had to commute for about a month in the Tri-Cities to get my first flat tire.

I have been really impressed with the puncture-resistant Kenda K-841 tires on my Buzz V. I would often add a little off-road while commuting on my bike in Denver, but here in Eastern Washington the offending tack-weed (aka goat heads, puncture weed and others) was on the bike lane.

I'm afraid I disposed of the thorn without getting a picture, but I'm sure I will have more opportunities commuting in the Tri-Cities.

I will be adding puncture resistant tubes or "slime" to my tubes adding to the over-all puncture resistance.

Thanks Novara for putting those Kenda tires on the Buzz V. 2000+ miles without a flat is pretty good.