Friday, July 31, 2009

check this out...

So my wife and I experienced the first 40-minute workout from a Beach Body program called "Insanity"...nice huh? This thing kicks butt. I think my body is still trying to catch up. I'll definitely need to wear the HR monitor from now on to see where my cardio, I don't think I've worked so hard in that short amount of time in my life...maybe in the last few miles of 100 on a bike.

My wife introduced me to Beach Body early in our marriage...she likes the video work-outs. We both really like Tony Horton and have a lot of fun with the Power 90, P90X and 10 min trainer. After seeing the info on Insanity, by another Beach Body trainer Shaun T, we wanted to check it our...we'll see how we feel in 60 days.

This first workout, Plyometric Cardio Circuit, packed a lot in 40 went by so fast. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's workout and a ride on Monday. Rest day comes on Wednesday. Here's to working hard and sweating it out!

The New Commitment

Do you ever look back and wonder why you started to commute by bike? Was it because gas prices were high, or letting go of a car meant enough to get a bike and start riding? Did you challenge yourself to be more healthy and make a difference in the world you lived in?

I love that there can be so many reasons for getting on a bike and making that commute. It's frustrating I can find just as many reasons not to get on my bike each day.

I started this blog a year ago to record my new adventure in bike commuting. Now I find I am commuting less and still have a passion for using my bike(s) for commuting and recreation.

Originally I got on a bike to save money and because I had the time and ability to ride everyday. I found, too, that as a result of riding all the time I was getting into great physical shape. Now, as I ride less I need to work harder to stay in shape.

So, not to beleaguer my point, I have a new commitment for the buzz commuter: continue to commute when possible, find new ways to get out and ride, never stop riding and dedicate myself to being in the best shape in my life.

Today my wife and I begin a 60-day workout program and I will report my progress here...including pictures. Monday I'm going on a ride in the mountains (I'll have pics on Flickr), and beginning next week I am trying to get a breakfast ride together.

That's it; my commitment to myself and my bike - continue to be a buzz commuter.