Monday, August 25, 2008

29 days and 224 miles

Works out to a little more than 7 miles a day. Not too bad considering about 5 days I didn't ride because I took some time away.

I hope to average at least 10 a day over the next month. All total that puts about 600 miles on my bike since I bought it in May.

I had to lube the chain today...I think it must have dried out after getting wet from all the rain last week. It had the worst squeak while I was riding today, but some dry lube and a little cleaning got it back to smooth and quiet.

I decided to do something a little different on my ride today. I put one of the larger panniers on and collected aluminum cans I found along my ride. I made a big loop out of my regular commute and filled the bag. I have a few days off coming up and thought I would see how many miles I can ride and how many pounds of cans I can collect during those days. I will also map the whole thing to see where I have been and try not to overlap any routes. I'll post the results as I go through them.

I thought it would be fun to do something more than just ride sometimes. I can getting a little spare change for the cans and clean-up a little on the trails and paths. Neighborhoods are pretty good too. I'll be interested to see where I can bike to get the cans recycled.

I did a little shopping and that was about it for my day. I think I ended at around 20 miles for today...which as I look at the time is more like yesterday...Sunday anyway.

I'm beginning to plan for riding this fall and winter. I guess it get's pretty cold here so I have to plan for that too. I figure I can use the bus for some of the really cold days. I can load my bike and take the bus about half-way. I think it's a little less than 2 miles to work from the bus stop after the bus ride. With the right stuff I'm pretty sure I can pull it off.

Tomorrow is another day to ride...and there's never a bad time to ride.

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