Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Long day

My day started at about 4 pm on Monday...had a 4-hour nap from noon - 4 pm and now I'm still up (it's around midnight). I may have to go to sleep after this post.

It was a very nice day today...the morning was perfect for riding and I ran some errands before heading home. I also went for a ride later in the day and met up with some friends. All in all I added another 20 or so miles. That brings the total to about 173.

I did some shopping to get me through the rest of the week and really loaded up my panniers. I already had a bunch of stuff from riding into work at 11 pm and had decided to take along my laptop too for some reason. I could barely fit the stuff I purchased at the store, but I got it all in with some arranging.

I'm also excited to have a new library card for the local library. I think the library is a lot like bike commuting: it take some extra effort, but the reward is definitely worth it. The internet may be a huge resource for information, but I like getting off my butt and making the trip to the library.

So, another day come and gone. I have tomorrow off and am planning a bike ride. Maybe I'll explore the north portion of the Platte River Trail...I haven't been up that way before.

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