Monday, August 25, 2008

Bike controls and gizmos

Bike controls and gizmos
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I thought I would share a view from my handle bars. Here is all of my commuter gizmos: bell, lights, cyclometer (bike computer). All are very important to bike commuting...though I guess the bike computer isn't as necessary, but it's a way I can keep track of my miles and how much time I have to make it to work.

The light is perfect for helping other people see me at dusk and night, but isn't designed to provide enough light to really see as night. I hope to get a new light so I can see better when I ride at night and in the evening.

The bell is probably the most important; it allows me to communicate on the road, shared walk or trail. Colorado law states that some sort of device or voice must be used to communicate your approach on bike to pass, or to communicate your presence (blind corners etc.). The bell seems to have the best effect. I would nearly have to be on top of people yelling for them to hear me say "On your left", when I would pass.

The bell is loud and shrill enough to get attention and doesn't carry any emotion other than ringing several times.

These are all tools that help me as I commute each day. I'm sure I'll add more as time goes on.

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