Saturday, December 12, 2009

A few changes - Day 21

I have one more week to go before the recovery week. Today was a rest day and my wife and I took the time to get ready for the upcoming week and to get a tree for the holidays.

I'm still working on some ideas for getting enough calories and keeping my body fueled for this Insanity workout program. Tomorrow will be a hard workout with Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs on the schedule.

I purchased a Biggest Loser workout DVD from Costco's called the Last Chance Workout. I watched it today and my wife tried it out. It looks good for people starting a program, and maybe for some others if you get the timing down and increase the speed of the workout. Anyway, a nice addition to our collection of home workout videos and definitely worth the $8-$11 it sells for depending on where you purchase it.

This brings me to my next subject...Buzz Commuter will see a few changes over the next few weeks. I find that I have less to say at the moment about bikes and bike commuting in general. Originally I wanted this blog to follow my days as a bike commuter while I lived in Colorado. More recently it has evolved into my desire to get and stay fit (a nice result of bike commuting) and now my journey on the Insanity workout program. I want this blog to get back to the world of bikes and bike commuting. After all it was a Novara Buzz V and my chance to use a bike exclusively for transportation. Even thought some of my circumstances have changed my desire to bike commute and support cycling not only for exercise, but also a superior means of community transportation.

I also have a desire to climb a few mountains, enjoy the outdoors as much as possible and hopefully do some good in this world. As much as I want Buzz Commuter to be a part of this I want a place to share these adventures, hits and misses, opinions and maybe just some general griping.

To this end I will soon be adding Fortunes Fare. My journey with Insanity will transfer over the Fortunes Fare as will some other information. I will continue to write on Buzz Commuter as I ride to work and keep pedaling.

I hope to have Fortunes Fare up this week. I will not remove any of the current posts from Buzz Commuter and will start fresh on Fortunes Fare.

Here's to self-expression and digital media.


Nathan said...

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Coach Julie Butts said...

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