Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Keep Going - Day 18

It was really hard to hit play on the DVD this morning and I seriously contemplated skipping the recovery workout. But I did it and it made a difference in my day.

Even though I felt better after my workout I felt very drained during. As I added up my calories from the past couple of days and today I realize I am not eating enough. This seems impossible since I feel like I can always eating something: 400-500 calorie smoothie for breakfast, 200-250 calorie blueberry muffin and coffee after breakfast, 520 calorie subway sandwich for lunch and about 500 calories in a burrito, Heath bar and tater-tots for dinner (I know, I know...great dinner huh?!) - I figure that's somewhere between 1600 and 1770 calories today and I need close to 3000 with my current activity level...I could almost eat the entire day's worth of food again to make up the difference.

I'm looking into ways to beef up my morning by maybe adding a PB&J sandwich or putting more calories into my drink. I plan on finding some calorie dense, but good food bars for snacks - hopefully with more than 300 calories.

I am looking forward to my workout in the morning...I just need to make sure and fuel well for the day...and drink enough water.

Tomorrow is Cardio Power and Resistance - not my favorite, but I'm getting familier enough I know what's coming.

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